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A social enterprise by Fountain House

Our Store

Fountain House and Body is located at 105 Thompson Street, between Spring and Prince. We’re open seven days a week: 10-8 on weekdays and 10-6 on the weekends. Our phone number is 646-791-5555.

From its inception, Fountain House and Body has been a community endeavor, with staff and members working side by side to develop soap recipes, research market trends, and find the right location for our shop. We took inspiration from the work-ordered units of Fountain House, as well as from the plastic free and zero waste movements to design a store that is both a rehabilitative space and a resource for durable, reusable, and beautiful cleaning products and home goods. 



Every morning, members and staff prepare small batches of natural soap using olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, natural clays and essential oils. We cook up batches of liquid Castile soap from scratch as well, which we use as an essential ingredient in our cleaning solutions. Customers can choose from over 30 essential oils to customize their bottles of all-purpose spray, glass cleaner, hand soap, dish soap, or room spray. Or they can choose an (unscented, probiotic) mold & mildew remediation spray or a citrus fruit and herb-infused cleaning vinegar. All of our solutions are sold in glass bottles, and customers can bring bottles back for refill.

We’re also excited to bring a highly-curated selection of eco-conscious and no/low-plastic home and bath goods to SoHo, from companies including Iris Hantverk, KeepCup, Colony & Co, Soma, Bee’s Wrap, Big Dipper Wax Works, Coyuchi, Organic Initiative and Bippy.